Introducing RevBot

We’re excited to share that we’ve got an alpha product in the can.  We’re calling the app RevBot — it is fairly small/simple today, but already pretty ... Continue Reading »

Sales Development Hacks For Google Sheets

Sales development professionals invariably spend a fair portion of their time massaging prospect lists and prospect data in spreadsheets. We certainly do more than our fair share ... Continue Reading »

Social Selling

Social selling can mean a number of things: Making your LinkedIn profile not suck. Using LinkedIn to connect with new sales prospects. Engaging with prospects in real-time ... Continue Reading »

4 Good Ways And 1 Bad Way Sales Development Pros Take “No” For An Answer

If you’re a sales development professional and you’re not hearing “no” many, many times per day, then you’re not trying hard enough. So what are the best ... Continue Reading »

How To Use oDesk For Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting has very quickly become our core business at RevBoss.  We launched the product/service in January and we’ve quickly racked up some great results for great ... Continue Reading »

Have You Seen the Periodic Table of SaaS Metrics?

Today we sent the first RevBoss Update — a semi-regular production that highlights the thoughts and ideas that are knocking around RevBoss HQ.  We’ll focus primarily on SaaS ... Continue Reading »


We launched on a whim this week.  I actually had the idea and set up a similar site several months ago.  I recently noticed that the ... Continue Reading »

On Hiring Motivated Sales Development Reps

“As you all know first prize is a Cadillac El Dorado. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is ... Continue Reading »

Introducing RevBoss Engine

RevBoss has launched its first productized service — RevBoss Engine.  We kicked off our first few Engine clients in January and we’re getting great results. RevBoss Engine ... Continue Reading »

Show Me What You Got

Hello everyone! My name is Danny Chu, employee #1 at RevBoss. Eric officially opened the RevBoss doors on December 12, 2013.  I officially joined the team on ... Continue Reading »
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